Welcome to putseniorsfirst.com

As Alberta’s population ages, our seniors care system keeps falling further and further behind.

By 2026, the number of Albertans over the age of 80 will reach more than 192,000, a 59-per-cent increase over 2013. At any given time today, nearly 1,200 people are waiting to get into a seniors care facility. Nearly half are too frail to stay home so they languish in hospitals. 

Our senior citizens built this province. They worked hard all their lives, raised families and established communities. We owe it to them to ensure their golden years are as safe, comfortable and worry-free as possible.

For the families of the elderly, Alberta’s continuing care system can be confusing and fraught with worry. 

That’s where this website comes in. We will be filling it with practical information, tips and data to help Albertans understand seniors care and how our system works. 

We will also keep an eye on what the government is doing to fix the seniors care system, and offer ways you can get involved to help ensure they do it right for your loved ones… and for you, when the time comes.

Putseniorsfirst.com is an initiative of the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees, which represents thousands of nursing and support staff in continuing care centres across Alberta. We take great pride in caring for elderly Albertans and strive to ensure the best possible system for them.

We believe elder care is a partnership of seniors, their families and the workers who care for them. If we work together, we can make it better.